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Used / Reconditioned Equipment

Used and reconditioned equipment can be a great alternative to new equipment. It’s a cost-effective solution for many electric forklift applications. This is especially true if you run a smaller shop or only use your forklifts for one full shift (or less) per day.

Our batteries are reconditioned through a thorough five-step process so that you receive the highest quality reconditioned battery we can offer. Our batteries are tested above 80% over four hours and come with a one-year conditional warranty. To see how we recondition our forklift batteries, watch the video below.

Have questions? Please call or e-mail us and we will be happy to help you with your battery and charger questions.

A reconditioned battery is ideal for shops who: are small to medium in size, use one battery per forklift, and/or operate that forklift for no more than one full shift per day.

Wilson Barrett has a large inventory of used chargers, and handling equipment as well as reconditioned forklift batteries for sale. If you don’t know if used or new equipment is the right answer for you, contact your sales representative for your area for more details.

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