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Power Care

Detailed Battery and Charger Care summary reports of your power equipment’s condition are completed after every visit.

Power Care Services Include:

Battery Care

  • Inspection – thorough inspections find potential problems before they result in costly down time or worse, a preventable accident.
  • Cleaning – Neutralization and cleaning assures maximum performance and longevity. It also enhances employee safety.
  • Washing – Optional battery wash service for severely corroded batteries done in an environmentally safe wash tank. Water is collected and removed in accordance to EPA guidelines.
  • Watering – Optional battery watering program customized to your application eliminates the risk of over or under watering batteries.

Charger Care

  • Check Start & Finish Rates – Ensure proper orientation and compatibility of batteries.
  • Infrared Thermal Inspection – Detailed inspection of all internal and external connections for signs of high resistance. Loose connections are torqued to proper specifications to ensure long term performance.
  • Internal Cleaning – Removes dust and dirt from charger to assure maximum cooling and reliable operation.
  • Cable, Contacts & Connectors – Wear is inspected to ensure a consistent and safe flow of power from the battery to the truck or charger.

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