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Wilson Barrett helps you get the maximum return on your investment by providing expert scheduled maintenance and forklift battery and charger repair service.

Our technicians specialize in forklift battery and industrial charger technology, which makes us your best choice for maintaining your valuable battery and charger equipment.

  • battery repair
    Industrial Battery & Charger Repair Service

    In the event your forklift battery or charger needs repaired, you can count on Wilson Barrett to properly make the repairs in a timely and cost effective way. We will get your forklift or other powered equipment up and running again as soon as possible. Repairs can be made onsite, or if additional evaluation is needed we can transport it to our nearest facility with the latest diagnostic testing equipment. Battery and charger rentals are also available during shop repair if needed.

    Common repairs we do...Read more

    Contact a Wilson Barrett specialist for repairs at (419)-662-9523 or

  • power care
    Power Care

    Power Care is a scheduled maintenance program that provides thorough inspection of your battery and charger equipment. You can schedule regular maintenance visits at your facility based upon the needs of your power fleet. In utilizing this program your company can reduce downtime, extend battery life, and obtain valuable documentation about your power equipment's condition and overall health. Our Power Care Services include... Read more

    Contact a Wilson Barrett specialist about Power Care at (419)-662-9523 or

  • power management
    Power Management

    Power Management is a complete maintenance package that includes Power Care program and adds tracking with Battery Boss WC equipment and software. The Battery Boss device collects vital information about your power fleet. This information is summarized on reports so you can make informed decisions when managing your power fleet. Power Management Program includes... Read more

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