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Electric Forklift Battery Chargers

Fast Chargers, Opportunity Chargers, or Ionic Smart Chargers - Which one is best?

Fast charge and opportunity charging are exciting new technologies that have brought improved efficiencies and improved safety to forklift operations. There are important differences in the two technologies.

Fast chargers bring your battery up to full charge quickly so that the forklift truck is back on the job with no battery change.

Opportunity chargers allow you to charge the battery during opportune times through the day when the forklift is not in use. In the right applications, opportunity charging allows your forklift to run two shifts on one charge.

Ionic Charge Profile: This patented, exclusive profile is the preferred choice for most applications. Employing periodic current pulses which identify the battery’s true capacity and state of charge, as well as mix the electrolyte throughout charge to avoid acid stratification. This profile provides the optimal recharge with minimal heating.

So which charger is right for you? Call us to discuss your electric lift truck usage and application. We’ll use our expertise to help you find the charger that best suits your application and gives your company the maximum ROI.

The Hawker Charger Line-up:

  • Lifetech MOD1C


    Energy efficient, high-frequency smart chargers providing optimum charging, peak efficiency, and maximum reliability. The modular design offers built-in scalability, allowing modules to be added or removed for changing power needs. Each individual power module operates independently. Even if one module stops working, the other modules continue charging the battery. This eliminates the risk of catastrophic failures and downtime.


  • Lifeplus MOD3


    The LIFEPLUS® MOD3 charger has the highest conversion efficiency and power factor available in the industry, which greatly reduces electrical consumption. This highly adaptable charger has 5 different charging options available, including opportunity charging, to be individualized based on operator’s requirements. LIFEPLUS® MOD3 chargers can also wirelessly communicate to Battery Boss® WC to monitor and collect data for ease of analysis. The popular IONIC charge option reduces up to 25% of time and money spent on watering batteries. It also saves up to additional 20% life on the battery and allows for batteries to be warranted for 6 years or 1800 cycles.


  • Lifespeed MOD3


    LIFESPEED® MOD3 is the most flexible fast charger offered in the industry. This modular fast charger comes in a 6 or 12 bay cabinet. This allows for modules to be added or removed as needed while still delivering a constant charge from each power bay. The flexibility offered by modular design will eliminate downtime and accommodate your current and future charging needs. The charging profiles can be set to fast, IONIC, or opportunity charge options either manually or through Battery Boss WC. Using the LIFESPEED®MOD3 will ensure that your battery fleet is utilizing the most efficient and reliable charging method possible.


  • PTO MOD3 ™

    This high-frequency charger provides economical opportunity charging capabilities and an adjustable I-U-I conventional charging profile. The opportunity profile allows operators to plug in for a quick charge during break times. You can set specific charge parameters eliminating guess work for charger settings. The charger is scalable for future needs.