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From complete watering systems to single replacement parts, we have all your forklift battery watering equipment.

Forklift Battery Watering

Battery water monitors

Bright and simple to use, these LED lights that will let your forklift operator know if the battery’s water level is OK or if it needs water. Don’t let low electrolyte levels cause permanent damage to your batteries! Call Wilson Barrett to order water monitors for your forklift batteries. 1-888-538-4490

The Smart Blinky

Philadelphia Scientific features patented sensing technology that eliminates false indication preventing unnecessary watering. Easy to see from a distance, blinking green LED means the electrolyte level is good, blinking red means water is needed. Call to order 1-888-538-4490.

Watering guns & Direct fill links

These products make battery watering easier and safe, keeping eyes and face away from battery hazards. Various models are available. Call us to order. 1-888-538-4490

Watering Kits & Systems

We sell battery watering kits and replacement parts that fit any forklift battery.

The Water Injector System Single Point Watering System from Philadelphia Scientific can water a battery eight times faster than other systems! Water injectors are installed into each cell on a battery, and rugged tubing runs through each water injector forming a single continuous flow. Once installed, the system is very simple to use, and the operator can water a battery perfectly in about 15 seconds. Call us to order the system and schedule installation. 1-888-538-4490

Water Purification & Water Supply Tanks

The Water Deionizer from Battery Watering Technologies is a cost effective way to extend the life of your batteries by removing harmful impurities from your tap water. Call us to order or for more information. 1-888-538-4490

Water Supply Tanks – These allow you to bring water to where your forklift batteries are located. They come in various sizes and model options. Call us for more information. 1-888-538-4490

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