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Safety Products

We carry safety and personal protective equipment to protect your employees from forklift battery acid.

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Protect your employees from forklift battery acid. Call us to order the safety products you need for your forklift battery charging room. Not sure what you need? Call us for a battery room safety inspection. We have more safety products than shown. Call us today!

  • Acid Absorbers

    Bulk acid absorber and acid absorbent pillows and socks used in acid containment systems. Absorbent contains color change acid indicator to indicate acid is present and returns to base color once acid is neutralized.
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  • Chemical Safety Wear

    Protect yourself and employees around forklift battery acid with protective clothing. Available items include face shield, goggles, shoe covers, gloves, apron, and eyewash bottles.
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  • Disposable Bags

    Once leaking batteries are discovered and spills are contained, the batteries must be stored in protective containers before they are recycled. Plastic battery disposal bags help by providing temporary storage.
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  • Eyewash Station

    An important part of any forklift battery charging room is an emergency eyewash station. Quick Cable’s eyewash station provides a portable, self-containing station that meets OSHA and ANSI requirements for a full 15-minute flushing.
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  • Safety Signage

    Cautionary and warning signs to indicate general forklift battery room dangers, high voltage, eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, etc.
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  • Spill Kits

    Pre-packaged acid spill kits from single forklift size (1/2 gallon), 2 gallon, 6 gallon and 15 gallon sizes, up to warehouse size with 100 lbs. of neutralizer. Kits include gloves, goggles, brooms, shields and other gear for personal protection.
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Didn’t see what you were looking for? We have many more safety products than shown.

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