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Management & Monitoring

Monitoring and Management products help you efficiently manage your forklift battery and charger fleet, and can help extend the life of your batteries. See the products available from Hawker®.

  • Battery Boss

    This compact electronic device attaches to your forklift battery and tracks the battery usage including Ah and kW through put, cycle time, time of use, and more. Used in conjunction with the Hawke® Power Report Software, the data is exported to csv or pdf reports. The reports provide valuable information on the health of the battery and battery usage so you can maximize your battery fleet performance and life.

    Battery Boss Flyer
  • Hawker Sequencer

    This device allows you to charge up to four batteries, in sequence, with only one charger. It is managed by a microprocessor that automatically recognizes and determines the sequence in which batteries will be recharged and/or equalized. It maintains control of the charger and indicates when specific batteries are available for use. Once set up, it functions without input or supervision from an operator.

    Sequencer Product Sheet
  • Battery Status System (BSS)

    This is an easy-to-use monitoring tool for effective management of battery rotation in any operation. It is a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system that will tell you which battery is fully charged and ready to use. It promotes maximum battery utilization and longer battery life by eliminating under/over cycling. One system can accommodate up to 40 forklift chargers.

    Battery Status System Flyer

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